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Student lunch is provided daily from our full-service cafeteria and kitchen at no additional cost. The culinary team from CulinArts manages the program and is passionate about preparing and serving delicious, whole foods with a focus on creating balanced menus that provide variety, color, and nutrient-dense options from all food groups. Nut-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options are always available. See our current menus.

Pre-packaged sandwiches displayed in a c


Pinnacle’s field trips are curriculum and community-based.  They are designed to help reinforce or set the stage for lessons that occur in the classroom and provide multi-modal learning opportunities.  All field trips are opportunities for students to practice social cognition skills as they are out in the community, interacting with others outside of the school.

students participating in field trip activities
student rock climbing during fun fridays


Fun Fridays are optional events scheduled on specific Friday afternoons after regular dismissal. (Students who do not participate will be dismissed as usual). Fun Fridays are designed to provide social opportunities to Pinnacle students outside of the regular school day and are organized by our Social and Emotional Coaches with the help of the Events & Administrator Coordinator.  Pinnacle staff chaperone though parents are encouraged to attend and participate.  Some of the events take place at Pinnacle, while others take place at designated locations. 

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