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Is The Pinnacle School Right For Your Family?

You have an amazing, one-of-a-kind child – a child with a distinct personality, and unique challenges. Perhaps you refer to your child as “complex,” “misunderstood,” or “different”, or you view them as “strong-willed” or “struggling in school.”


While describing your child may sometimes feel complicated, you know one thing for certain: your child’s current school environment is not meeting their specific, individual needs.


So, how do you know what the right school looks like? If you’re looking for a partner to support your needs in these areas, The Pinnacle School may be the right fit for your family.


Integrated support for language-based learning differences, ADHD, or mild Autism. 

Individualized instruction to help them develop lagging skills and reach their true potential. 


Small classes, based on instructional level rather than age or grade. 


Academic rigor paired with therapeutic services, such as school counselling, behaviour support, occupational therapy, and speech and language services.


A supportive, safe community that fosters meaningful friendships.


The ability to explore personal interests through electives such as art, music, robotics, photography, and more.


The opportunity to make real, measurable progress on their learning goals (and even take advanced classes in any subject!). 


To be seen, understood, and embraced as their full selves.


A trusted partner who can help your child become an independent, resilient learner. 


A community that understands the concerns and challenges of raising a child with complex learning differences.


New strategies for addressing the root issues causing challenging behaviors. 


An achievable plan for the future and a clear, proven path forward.


The relief that comes with knowing your child is happy, safe, and in the right place.

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