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What if we reframed everything we know about teaching children with complex learning challenges?

What if we viewed academic and social-emotional development challenges not as barriers, but as the outcomes of lagging skills? What if, instead of focusing on consequences, we focused on identifying and solving the root issues causing challenging behaviors? What if we developed targeted, effective interventions based on a deep understanding and partnership with each student, in order to build trust and independence?

This is complex learning through a new lens – and it’s how The Pinnacle School drives positive progress in children with language-based learning challenges, Autism, and executive function and social-emotional lagging skills.


Here, students who may typically struggle in a school setting are seen, known, and embraced as their full selves while they learn to:


  • Enhance their skills by solving core problems collaboratively with educators who have a deep understanding of the necessary tools each student needs to learn and thrive. 


  • Grow their confidence to build meaningful friendships and progress on their learning goals with the help of in-the-moment, integrated support from an experienced team.


  • Gain independence as they take ownership of their learning through tailored instruction and active engagement designed to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs. 


By taking an open, curious, and data-driven approach to partnering with students and families, The Pinnacle School empowers students to make positive progress on the path to a happy and fulfilling life.


Using Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model as our guide, we create trusting relationships with students and their families as we identify and address the core lagging skills causing academic and social-emotional challenges. 


The result: your child will feel understood and truly seen, perhaps for the first time in a school setting, as they build their skills, master school expectations, and learn effective problem-solving.

Kids sitting at large table while teacher is showing and reading from paper
Kids in small class room playing cards at tables. Student playing cards with teacher


By providing support when each student needs it – not just when it’s scheduled – our integrated team of experienced teachers, counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists creates an environment ideal for student growth. 


Here, your child will become a critical member of their own team as they work to overcome challenges, forge friendships, and progress on their learning goals.


At The Pinnacle School, we combine individualized direct instruction, active engagement, and independent practice to facilitate growth and learning, adapting scientifically-based curricula to each student’s learning styles and academic strengths. 


Over time, through the gradual release of responsibility from teacher to student, your child will become an independent, resilient learner who is prepared to live and thrive in the world.

Kid handling science equipment with liquid in it while teacher checks measurements


"We've been to several doctors, therapists and specialists over the last few years but the Pinnacle team had a significant outcome that has slowly rebuilt our family. If it were not for [Pinnacle] we could not be returning to [our local school]."


"I have worked with The Pinnacle School’s team of special educators, speech-language pathologists, teachers, psychologists, all of whom are exceptional not only in his/her area of knowledge, but in the ability to work collaboratively for the benefit of the student. Further, the students are provided unique opportunities and experiences that enrich their education and life. It is such a good place!"

Kids at table having discussion with teacher. Kids smiling, listening and enjoying themselves



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  • Grades 2-12

  • 93% of Faculty hold advanced degrees

  • Small Class Sizes (Average of 4 students)

  • Integrated support includes occupational therapy, speech & language services, executive function coaching, school counselors and social workers

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