At The Pinnacle School, our strengths lie in how we approach and redefine student learning, growth and independence. Our model uniquely combines tailored instruction with the mindset that our teaching is only as effective as our deep understanding of each child we serve. 


Effective problem-solving requires a thorough, data-driven process to properly identify the root issues. Accurately framing and understanding student strengths and challenges allows us to develop targeted, effective interventions. 


We foster a culture of thinking and learning. Our faculty and clinical support teams collaborate through a carefully designed model that prioritizes deep curiosity about and assessment of our students’ needs. We are child-centered and include parents and outside support as an essential part of the team. 


When we approach students from this perspective, students are more apt to collaborate and problem-solve with adults. This ‘Pinnacle Difference’ empowers students to gain independence, knowledge and autonomy over their learning.

At The Pinnacle School, we facilitate student growth, learning, and independence through the utilization of individualized instruction and the model of gradual release of responsibility, which teaches the student how to learn independently.  Scientifically based curricula are tailored to meet the needs of each student through direct instruction, active engagement and independent practice, allowing students to learn and thrive within their zone of proximal development. 


We cohort students with similar learning styles and academic strengths allowing us to challenge them to move forward in their academic learning, social-emotional development, self-advocacy, and executive functioning abilities. Teachers and staff at Pinnacle create a culture that supports students in their learning endeavors and prioritizes a growth mindset among students, teachers, and staff.

Using an integrated support team of experienced teachers, school counselors, social workers, behaviorists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and social-emotional coaches, we implement in-the-moment support and coaching when the student needs it, not just when it’s scheduled.


Pinnacle provides students the opportunity to build and maintain social relationships throughout the school day, with the ongoing support of our clinical staff. This collaborative approach includes the student as an insightful member of their own team and supports daily success, reflection, resilience and self-esteem.


Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model is a cornerstone of our program. We believe wholeheartedly that our students’ academic and social-emotional challenges are signals that they are not able to meet our expectations or solve problems effectively.

Our role as educators is to create a trusting relationship so we can support the development of core lagging skills, understand, assess, and support mastery of school expectations, and facilitate collaborative problem-solving.  Our philosophy is that “kids do well if they can” and it is our job as educators to provide them with the necessary tools in order for them to learn and become successful, competent, and self-confident. 



  • Grades 2-12

  • 88% Faculty holding advance degrees

  • Average class size 4


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