At The Pinnacle School, we focus on creating a caring community that supports students’ academic and social-emotional development.

At the heart of our program is an emphasis on building resilience, self-esteem and an enthusiasm for learning. We accomplish this by identifying students’ strengths, creating opportunities for success, and building on these successes daily. Through these experiences, students begin to gain confidence, value their academic success and flourish.

Our approach is highly individualized and customized to each student’s unique learning profile. We use a collaborative approach that includes the student as an insightful member of his or her team. By doing so, they learn the important role they have in their own development, become effective self-advocates and reach their true potential.


Our first step with our students is to foster trust and mutual respect. This is the foundation to effectively collaborate with our students, dig below the surface and address core skill challenges.

When students present with academic deficits, educators understand that there is a missing skill set. A key difference at Pinnacle is that we view behavioral, social and emotional and executive function challenges in the same way: as the result of a lagging skill indicating that further instruction is necessary.

When we approach our students from this perspective, students are more apt to collaborate and problem-solve with adults, because the conversation is not about what is “wrong” with them, but what skill they need to develop or challenge they need to overcome. This subtle but significant shift allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our students and allows for collaboration and fosters positive relationships.


Given the robust nature of our team, we are able to identify lagging skills that have often prevented students from making meaningful academic and social gains in the past.


Using an integrated support team of experienced teachers and related, specialized services such as psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists,  behaviorists and social-emotional coaches, we can meet each student where they are.


This approach supports daily success, improves self esteem, resilience and student willingness to become an active participant in their educational experience.


Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model is a cornerstone of our program. We believe wholeheartedly that our students’ academic and social-emotional challenges are signals that they are not able to meet our expectations or solve problems effectively.

Our role as educators is to create a trusting relationship so we can support the development of core lagging skills, understand, assess, and support mastery of school expectations, and facilitate collaborative problem-solving.  Our philosophy is that “kids do well if they can” and it is our job as educators to provide them with the necessary tools in order for them to learn and become successful, competent, and self-confident. Watch Dr. Greene explain why "kids do well if they can" and learn more about his work.



  • Grades 2-12

  • 88% Faculty holding advance degrees

  • Average class size 4


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