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The Pinnacle School provides a safe and nurturing educational environment for students with unique learning profiles. Through individualized academic programming, collaborative problem-solving, and relationship building, students develop the skills necessary to become caring and compassionate friends, active members of their community, and resilient, lifelong learners.




As I welcome everyone to the new school year (our  12 th!) , I would like to reflect on the evolution of The Pinnacle School and our vision for the future. 


In order for any educational institution to thrive and become an established and well-respected institution, it must not only embrace research (current research suggests that many schools are 20 years behind in the implementation of educational research), but must also understand critical social and cultural trends, remain connected to other schools and their practices, listen to the students, faculty, and parent community. Curiosity and humility are also essential ingredients to grow, change, and provide the highest-quality, specialized education to our students. They deserve nothing less.

The Pinnacle School strives to achieve this lofty goal each and every day. Our school has a critically important mission: to provide the highest quality education to students with specialized needs and, as important, to help raise young people to successfully live in an ever-changing world.


While our mission is to provide a specialized education to address issues such as language-based learning challenges, Autism, executive function, and social-emotional lagging skills, our ultimate goal is to partner with families and educators to raise our students to live and thrive in the world.


We will continue to embrace the best educational practices including hiring educators whose growth mindset embraces this vision; employing a social-emotional methodology that understands the depth of children's challenges; and actively seeking and collaborating with individuals and organizations who share a similar vision and mission.


The pandemic challenged us in a multitude of ways that we continue to assess. As a community, we have shared our collective and individual fears and anxieties and learned to support each other on a deeper level. We have remained connected with our students and community. We have developed patience, and, hopefully, a deeper sense of resilience and empathy.


This has been a historic time for our nation and it has been mirrored in our own school community. I hope that our students and families have felt that we are here for them and continue to be, with the same level of care and compassion. It is with enormous gratitude and honor that I welcome new, returning, and future students and their families to the Pinnacle family.


Charles Manos, MS, EdS, LMFT

Head of School & Chief Administrator
Director of Clinical & Family Services

Letter from the Head
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