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Kid learning on laptop while teacher is helping him
teacher instructing student on caligraphy

Students with complex challenges learn best when they are individually supported, appropriately challenged, and empowered to take ownership of their education. 


At The Pinnacle School, tailored academics create independent learners with the resilience and confidence needed for continued growth and success.


Anchored by scientifically-based curricula and pedagogy, our academic program includes:

  • Individualized direct instruction, active engagement, and independent practice to facilitate growth and learning

  • Ongoing assessment and progress monitoring, which allows teachers to create programs that meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of every student

  • Small class sizes, ideal for creating lasting and meaningful relationships between staff and students 

  • Student cohorts of similar learning styles and academic strengths

  • A gradual release of responsibility framework, proven to create independent learners

  • Dedicated, expert faculty, supported by Instructional Coaches who work closely with each other to foster a culture of reflection and growth 


This whole-child approach to education helps ensure students make positive progress on their learning and growth goals.

Kids outside back to back looking at the camera


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