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Kids reading their own books in comfy lounge with fun posters on the wall
Girl smiling while painting at desk

Kids want to feel understood. Kids seek connection and friendship. Kids develop differently.

Kids do well if they can. (1)


This is the philosophy behind everything we do here at The Pinnacle School, and it stems from the evidence-based model created by clinical psychologist Dr. Ross Greene called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions



CPS provides educators and families with a new way of assessing and addressing how children communicate with us by understanding them through a new lens. The philosophy seems simple, yet it’s rooted in deep research and proven results:

  • ​To quote the CPS Model website: "Concerning behavior is simply the way in which some kids communicate that there are expectations they are having difficulty meeting."

  • The reason some kids respond to problems and frustrations by acting out is that they're lacking skills. 

  • The best way to reduce concerning behaviors is by solving problems causing those behaviors.

  • This problem-solving should be collaborative (done with the child) and proactive (rather than reactive).


Instead of punishing our most vulnerable children for lacking skills they have not yet developed, CPS shows us we can work with children in effective, life-changing ways to help them meet school and life expectations.

At The Pinnacle School, CPS helps educators and staff truly understand and support our students, providing them with the individual tools they need to build friendships, become successful learners, and exceed their own expectations.

(1) CPS philosophy tagline by Dr. Ross Greene

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