The Pinnacle Parent Association (PPA) is an informal forum that meets monthly where parents gather with representatives from the school to discuss ideas and develop plans for parent sponsored events. The purpose of the PPA is to foster an informed, connected, and engaged parent community, promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff, and facilitate additional social opportunities for students. Parents are welcome to participate in the PPA at any time during the school year. Each person’s amount of involvement depends on their availability and preference at any given time. There is no cost to join.

The PPA:

  • Organizes fun, age-appropriate, supplemental social experiences that bring students, parents, and staff together

  • Helps to develop new initiatives such as the Parent Ambassador Program

  • Coordinates special events such as Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Hosts parent gatherings

  • Rallies parent volunteers as needed

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The Pinnacle School enables students in grades 2-12 with language-based learning differences to thrive through small class sizes, individualized academic programming, active problem-solving, and relationship building.


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