At Pinnacle we have been operating business as usual, albeit remotely. Since March 16, and continuing through our summer program, we have committed to a live and synchronous remote learning model. We provide all educational, clinical, and related services to all of our students throughout a full and regular school day.  


Our summer remote program was rich in virtual field trips and experiential activities to make the summer experience educational, engaging and fun. Weekly themes included Farm to School Week, Long Island Sound Week, Space Week, and Rainforest's Week.  Each theme had  a unifying virtual field trip at the beginning of the week which the teachers used as a jumping-off point when planning their lessons which included additional virtual experiences and fun projects.  And of course, teachers take into consideration the needs of each individual student with movement breaks and screen breaks added into each class as needed.


We appreciate the daily effort and strength required from both teachers and parents to teach our students in this remote environment and know that when we do return to a traditional brick and mortar school, we will be able to feel safe and remain healthy. We also know that if we need to return to full remote learning, our students will get a robust program given the needs of the moment. 


Below is a summary of our distance learning program:

  • We use Google Suite, including Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Google Docs to conduct all classes and related services (per IEP) utilizing video conferencing. This includes all classes from reading and math to all our electives, as well as individual and group counseling sessions, speech and language, and occupational therapy.

  • Students and teachers attend classes following their daily class schedule by logging in to Google Meet, where the class period is conducted synchronously.

  • Provide ongoing technical support to students, teachers, and parents troubleshooting any issues using our IT Department and others with Google Suite expertise

  • Closely monitor student attendance, participation, and productivity in each class by taking daily and class-by-class attendance through PowerSchool

  • Update grades in PowerSchool

  • Hold all regularly scheduled faculty/staff meetings virtually, such as student team meetings, quarterly rating meetings, pre-PPT and PPT meetings


In anticipation of school closings and the need to provide distance learning, the school:

  • Surveyed our families and faculty to determine home access to the internet, a computer with video and audio capabilities, and a productive work space.

  • Provided Chromebooks at home to students and faculty who needed them.

  • Provided training to all faculty and staff to conduct classes using video and audio conferencing.

  • Provided training and extensive in-class practice to all students, troubleshooting any issues that arose.


"Your program is being touted as one of the very best practices being used during this remote learning period. Pinnacle is doing an extraordinary job of serving their student population during these challenging times."

-Special Education Attorney

"Honestly the entire team has rallied around our children in such a positive way during this unprecedented time in our lives continuing to give them some stability and social interactions with both staff and peers, thank you."

-Pinnacle Parent

“Pinnacle has impressed me so much with your organization and commitment to continuity of learning as well as your execution.”

-Pinnacle Parent